Tondo Jigsaw

Tondo Jigsaw is a unique 8-piece jigsaw puzzle game defined by revolving puzzle-board and engaging swapping mechanics with snappy touch controls.

Completely FREE New style of puzzle, easy to play, hard to master

Colorful Graphics

​T​ake a selfie, convert it into unique puzzle shape and play with it ​​infinitely!

​If you ever get bored, take another one or pull any other picture from your device​​.

​When you’re done, ​​frame ​completed puzzle with the frame you find most suitable ​and share ​it with your friends.

​​Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram and many other social networks supported.

Once again, ​​No restrictions, no limits!

You are free to play with as many pictures as you like  FOREVER…​

How To Play?

  • TAP puzzle piece to swap positions of adjacent pieces.
  • SWIPE puzzle piece to swap it with the opposite one.
  • TILT your device left or right and rotate all pieces together in the direction you find most suitable for matching.

For further help press HINT button for best move suggestion or hold PREVIEW button to temporarily reveal solved puzzle.

Try to complete the puzzle in as few swaps as possible (between 1 and 4) and earn a GOLDEN STAR. Minimum number of swaps for current puzzle you have to figure out by yourself

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News & updates

Tondo Jigsaw available for iOS

Tondo Jigsaw – Soft Launch

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